Monday, May 18, 2009

Slide fun!

When playing on his slide, Everson likes to make sure everyone has a turn. Even though Todd and I do not exactly fit the best on the slide, we willingly take our turns. Well, tonight Everson said it was baby's turn. Todd asked him, "Can baby go down with you?" Everson enthusiastically replied with a "YEAH!" He was so excited to go down the slide with Canon. As you can see in the pictures, Everson couldn't stop smiling! It was so cute to watch.


mle said...

So cute Jen-what a good lookin' pair those boys of yours! Jonah and Eli rocket down our slide together too, but usually someone ends up hurt. I havent been on your blog in a while, love all the new posts. We really need to play more-I am home now, so what are ya doing this weekend?

Teresa Jane said...

Cannon is sooooo super cute!!!

Teresa Jane said...

Oops- I mean Canon