Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fun at the cabin

We had a fun week at Todd's parents cabin!  The boys loved riding the motorcycles, catching crawdads, getting in the hot tub, eating snow cones, seeing bats and shooting guns!

Skipping/throwing rocks!

The boys loved shooting Uncle Greg's guns!  Once Everson was done unloading one gun he was ready to pick up another!  

 We had a few unwelcomed guests in the cabin.  So when the boys sealed off the bats way into the house after all the bats left for the night, they tried to find other ways in and out like the bedroom my family was staying in a a place near the fireplace. Kendra was THE bat catcher!  I tried to help her out but ended up squealing as the bat flew at my head.

Bridger enjoying his snow cone and Will's hat!

The last day before we headed home we decided to walk around the Sunriver village and enjoy some snowcones!

It was a fun weekend, bats and all!