Friday, October 12, 2012

Rhode Island here we come

Todd and I left all three boys overnight for the first time ever!  We flew to Rhode Island for Brian and Marissa's wedding.  Brian and Todd have been friends since grade school and have stayed best friends since.  It was a fun, busy and quick trip!  Our schedule consisted of, red eye flight out on Thursday, arrive Friday morning, take a two hour nap, thank goodness, then off to wedding rehearsal.  After that was the cocktail party then home for the night!  Todd gave a wonderful toast at the cocktail party.  It had some humor and yes, even some tears!  He got a lot of people coming up to him afterwards saying what a great job he did!

              Me, Marissa, Brian & Todd at the Cocktail party!       Todd & I in our rental car
A bridger we drove over a lot!      Brian & Todd at the cocktail party.   Brian & Marissa at rehearsal!