Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pacific City, Cape Kiwanda

I guess we can now consider ourselves beach goers since we have been a number of times this summer!  Our friends raved about this beach and the giant sand dune.  Surprisingly it wasn't the warmest day at the beach, so not much time was spent playing in the water, but it was still a lot of fun!  And they weren't kidding about the giant sand dune.  We drove our vans right down on the beach, set up camp, built and fire, roasted hot dogs and smores and had fun!

Climbing the giant sand dune was a little bit of a challenge.  Everyone's quads were burning.  Todd packed Bridger up most of the way, and Canon's asthma started acting up mid climb so I picked him up and packed him up until I reached Todd and then we did a switch-a-roo so I could have the least heavy child.  We can now say that our whole family reached the top and you bet we got a picture as evidence!

 What better way to get down a giant sand dune then to jump down!

The beach goers!