Friday, July 13, 2012

Pool and date night

 We are making progress.  Everson put his face in the water, Bridger doesn't mind getting dunked still and Canon was brave enough to jump in as long as I didn't let him go underwater.  Baby steps.

Todd and I don't go out much without the kids but thought a night out would be good.  So we doubled with our good friends Ryan and Lisa.  We went downtown to an ice cream shop called, Salt & Straw.  This place had some very strange ice cream flavors like, pears and blue cheese.  None of us got that flavor, but we did get some unusual ones.

I got, Sea salt with caramel ribbon and Cinnamon Snickerdoodle.  Todd got Almost brittle with salted gnache and double vanilla.  I forget what Ryan and Lisa got.  I liked my flavors but Todd wasn't too excited about his.  It was a fun change compared to the typical flavors you usually have to choose from.