Thursday, March 22, 2012

Snow in March?

The calender says it is suppose to be Spring already but I guess the weather has a different plan. We didn't mind because it gave us something fun to do this morning before the snow all melted away. All three boys liked being outside playing in the snow, especially the throwing snowballs at Mom part. Bridger just sat and watched and didn't know what to think. He didn't want to touch the snow, but enjoyed talking to the snowman. Everson and Canon loved throwing snowballs and making a snowman. It was fun while it lasted!

Everson - his eyes are pretty sensitive to the sun so it was hard to get a picture of him with them open.
Canon - getting ready to throw a snowball at the photographer (Mom)
Bridger - he sat happily in the lawn chair watching me and his brothers.

Everson was very excited to complete the snowman. It was his idea to add hair, which I thought was a great one.
Canon was already inside getting warmed back up by this point but Everson wanted a picture with the snowman and Bridger.
Our happy boys! Bridger looks less then thrilled, but I promise he was having a good time!


Patrick and Paige said...

This is so cute!! I love the hair idea!!!