Thursday, January 12, 2012


I picked Everson up from Preschool today and like always he immediately starts running down the sidewalk to the car. I holler at him to either slow down or run in the grass, which I do every day, so I know he has heard me say it. Before I know it, he trips and slides face first on the sidewalk, then Canon who is running after him trips over Everson's feet and falls on the hard sidewalk also. Keep in mind I am carrying Bridger and now I have two boys crying on the ground, one of which is bleeding from somewhere, either the mouth or nose or both. There was too much blood I couldn't tell. Trying not to make a big deal about it, I tell them both they are fine and to just get in the car. Knowing very well that Everson would freak if he saw himself in the mirror, dripping blood, I instruct him to go straight upstairs when we get home and sit on the couch. Canon by now is fine with no scrapes. Once home, I get Everson cleaned up and calmed down and laying on the couch. Canon apparently cannot stand the site of blood so whenever he saw Everson's face he squinched up his face and ran upstairs. He would come down every once in a while to see how things were going, but was very worried about Everson's face. You would think that Everson's face would be hurting and throbbing, but to my surprise, and after laying on the couch for 20 minutes with a wash cloth on his face, he starts crying again and tells me his face doesn't hurt, but his knee does. I hadn't checked the knee, so expecting another bloody wound under his pants I roll his pant leg up to find the smallest little scrape that I thought couldn't possibly hurt worse then his face. Boy was I wrong. The rest of the day, he was babying his knee so much and didn't complain about his face once.

Once Canon got over the fear of seeing Everson's tainted face, he wanted in on the photo shoot too.