Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

My whole family was together for Christmas this year. My parents house reached maximum capacity. Everson and Canon are at the age where opening presents is fun. The classic reaction of Everson opening a present with clothes in it, "this present is boring." This was followed by myself and Todd urging him to be thankful for clothes, which then got the response of, "thank you," in a very sad and slow tone. His reaction got better as the present opening commenced. Canon was happy opening any presents regardless of the contents. He liked the ripping of the wrapping paper and tearing open the boxes. Poor Bridger was napping while we were all upstairs opening presents. We don't think he minded at all. He got to open his presents once he was well rested. The boy preferred trying to eat the wrapping paper over playing with his presents of course. Of course Mom and Dad had so much yummy food to eat. We played, sat around, , took trips to Newport, ran into friends, and just enjoyed time together.
We love our family! Merry Christmas!