Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dirt, Family Pictures, Birthday, Bowling

Leveling our front yard. The boys loved helping dad shovel dirt!
Family picture on a timer. If Bridger was looking at the camera it would have been a pretty good picture!
Individual family pictures!
We celebrated my sisters birthday while we were all together before Mark and Annette left for Utah. Everson helped Shel blow out her candles and Canon gave Shel the best kiss after she opened her present from her!
We decided to pack everyone up and go bowling. It was the boys and Kyrie's first time bowling. The kids didn't know what to think, but once they had a turn, they were totally into it. Bridger even got to bowl, sort of.
My niece, Kyrie, had her own way of bowling. She used her head to push the ball down the ramp.
When it wasn't our turn bowling we used the time holding any kid near us and of course dancing!
This is my favorite picture of the night!