Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day!

Another fun and eventful 4th of July! We started by going to our neighborhood breakfast put on by our church. Since we were a little late for that the line for breakfast was way too long for two little boys to wait around in so we ended up going back home and cooking our own yummy breakfast. After that we headed over to a neighboring neighborhood to get some snow cones, cotton candy and to watch BJ the Clown. Next in line we heading back to our house for our neighborhood parade which Todd's dad drove his corvette in to start off the parade with Kayla and Will as passengers. Nap time was next on our list then we headed over to Todd's parents house to play some minute to win in games.
At one point while we were all focused on the minute to win it games we couldn't find Canon. He is not one to wander. We looked in every room calling his name, searched outside and Todd even ran down the road to see if he had wandered back to our house. About five minutes went by when I stood there in their dining room thinking where the heck could he be when I heard a noise that sounded like a toy got dropped. Keep mind we had been playing all the games in the dining room and living room. So I took two steps in the direction of the noise and looked behind the recliner and there Canon was, sitting there playing nicely with a couple toys. I was very relieved he was found, and I tried to explain to him that when we call his name that he needs to answer, and the reply I got was, "no."
Besides the minor heart attack we had when we couldn't find Canon, the games were so much fun. Following all of us mastering some skills we never knew we could in the games we had a BBQ with lots of delicious food.
Then it was time to head up to the field in our neighborhood to play and visit until it got dark and the fireworks started. Everson and Canon didn't like how loud the fireworks were. Everson eventually got over it, but Canon's hands remained on his ears the entire time. Bridger slept through all of it, which was what we were hoping he would do. All and all, it was a busy fun day!

The parade
Minute to Win It
At the field waiting for the fireworks