Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Blue Monster

One of our very talented friends, Adam, who is a kids book illustrator, was so nice to illustrate a special picture for Everson.

When Everson first found out this cool drawing was for him. He was so happy!
Everson and his new cool blue monster drawing.
Making a scary face (even thought it looks more like a sad face) like the blue monster.
The awesome blue monster drawing, just for Everson.
We hung it up in Everson's room between the boys' two beds. Canon loves it too. They both like to pretend the guy in the monsters mouth is Daddy, the and the other two are Everson and Canon. The boys love having Todd and I make up stories of the blue monster.
Thank you Adam for the blue monster!


Chiara said...

Uhhhh - I'm pretty sure that would scare my boys and make them have nightmares!! ;)- It's cool though!