Monday, May 3, 2010

He's growing up so fast!

You're wrong, I didn't mean Everson or Canon, I mean Todd. Yes, you read it right, Todd! He officially is a "normal" working man. Ever since we have been married Todd has worked from home. So, we have been around each other 24/7 for the past almost 7 years. Some say they couldn't be around there hubby that much, but it worked out great for us. The boys have also loved it. Having Daddy come upstairs to take a five minute break here and there throughout the day makes the boys so excited. Todd has had the luxury of never having to commute to work in horrible traffic and being able to see his boys throughout the day. We have all been spoiled.
Well, the time has come where Todd has grown into a real adult and now works out of the house.

He has done an amazing job working so hard on making the business grow. It has grown big enough to where our garage is not big enough to support all the work he has. So, the business has now been moved to a new location which makes him have to drive through traffic, pack a lunch, and spend less time with us, his family. We knew this day would come and we are excited that the business has gotten big enough to make this big move, but we sure are going to miss Daddy during the day!
Today was his first day working out of the house. Everson asked so many times where Daddy was and if he could go see him. He didn't seem that sad, just more confused because before when I said Daddy was working he would march downstairs, open the door to the garage and see his Daddy. It is a little different now, but it is cute to see how excited the boys are when Daddy's get home.

Being the blogging nerd that I am I had to take pictures of Todd's first day of work out of the house just so I could blog about it and of course have a picture of this day!
If I wasn't already a nerd for taking the picture inside the house, I ran outside and snapped a picture of Todd driving off. As you can tell by the look on his face in the picture he thought I was a little bit ridiculous. Oh well!

After Everson asked me for the millionth time where Daddy was I thought it would be cute to write a little not, have the boys hold it while I took a picture of them and email it to Todd at work. Everson did a good job holding it still for the camera.
When I put Canon on the couch next to Everson he immediately grabbed the picture and crumpled it up against his body. Many attempts were made to help him hold up the note, but all we got were tears and a death grip on the paper. It was worth a shot.


kimber said...

woah! that is really big news! where is the office?

Cooper Family said...

In beaverton off of nimbus ave. The transition hasn't been as smooth as he would like, but it is getting better.