Saturday, December 12, 2009

Lucky Boy!

The other day we were at the Dollar Tree paying for our stuff when Everson started trying on sunglasses from the rack right next to the check out line. After I got done paying and we were getting ready to leave, he would not put the sunglasses back and told us he wanted them. We of course explained to him that he has two pairs of sunglasses at home and he doesn't need another pair. He insisted. Much to our surprise, the old lady next in line to check out thought Everson was so cute and offered to buy the glasses for him. She pulled a dollar out of her purse and handed it to Everson and let him cut in front of her in line. Everson said thank you and even gave her a big hug! What do you know, there are nice people out there still!

His Dollar Tree sunglasses! Sorry for the mouth full of food.

Everson always asks or sometimes just takes Mema's camera and takes pictures with it. It always made me nervous when he did this because I did not want him to drop it and break it. Thank goodness I do not have to worry about that anymore. Mema was so kind and gave Everson one of her older cameras that she does not use anymore. He loves taking pictures with it and sometimes he does get a good picture. Thanks Mema!
There will be a post coming soon of pictures from Eversons camera!

A pair of sunglasses and a digital camera, what a lucky boy!


kimber said...

who knew the dollar tree had such stylish sunglasses.

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