Monday, November 16, 2009


Our sweet Everson has a little bit of OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) when it comes to his things.

When playing with his letters he lines them up in rows or lines nice and neatly. Usually out of Canon's reach so he cannot mess them up.
Same thing with his animals. They all have to be standing up in his barn all facing towards Everson. No laying down allowed.
When playing with cars he puts them either in a neat pile, all cars usually facing the same direction or in two tighty lines.
If any of you know anyone with OCD you probably know that when things get messed up and aren't the way they want they tend to get a little bit bothered. This is in fact true for Everson. Once Canon takes one crawl towards his pile of cars or barn of animals or letters on the fridge he immediately starts to yell, "NO CANON DON'T MESS UP MY CARS." This is someting we have been working on. When Canon gets to the pile of cars and starts to mess them up, Everson frantcially will start picking them up and placing them back in a nice neat pile, while continuing to tell Canon to stop messing up his cars. Everson has been getting better at letting Canon mess up his perfections since we explain to him that we (myself or Todd) will help him put his toys back into the once perfect piles/rows.


tracy said...

I'm so glad you're documenting his OCD, so when he is a teenager and a complete mess, you can remember he was neat and tidy at one point.
It's so hard to learn to share, isn't it?! Maybe you could give Canon his own pile of cars, animals, etc. so he doesn't mess up Everson's. After all that work, it could be very frustrating to have it all messed up by your baby brother :o)

Dan, Shauna, Noah & Zoe said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one that gets to deal with an OCD child. Noah has the same tendencies, but he also has issues with lights and doors, or the order we do things in. At times his freak outs are comical. Other times he gets very fixated on events - like we had a fire alarm during sacrament meeting a few weeks ago and he still won't let it go -- he wants to know why we had one and who did it....Isn't parenthood fun?

Erica said...

I love it, that is how I was when I was little. I bet he'll be really clean when he gets older. :)

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