Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Canon is finally getting his first tooth. I am definitely not complaining that he was a late bloomer, since I am still nursing him, but he has been practically begging to eat regular food. It is so sad to be feeding him his pureed baby food, when what he really wants to eat is a juicy bite of steak that the rest of us were having for dinner. I know this tiny little tooth shouldn't make that big of a difference, but for some reason I am now less nervous to give him our table food. That is the good part about him teething. The bad, cutting this tooth really affected his sleeping. He woke up every two to three hours for almost a week straight, which pretty much kicked my butt. I was a walking zombie. Poor Everson had a Mom with no energy for a few days. Good news though, he is back on track sleeping through the night. Hooray! His second tooth will be making an appearance any day now.

He was not thrilled that I was trying to get a picture of his tooth.


Jessica said...

YAY that he is sleeping through the night again! That is WONDERFUL!!!