Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Nursery, Brian and Sharing!

This was the crown Everson got in Nursery at church. He absolutley hated it when they tried measuring his head for the size, and wanted nothing to do with it after that. The next day, he wanted to wear the crown all the time. It is now almost torn apart from him taking it on and off. Everson sure loved having Brian in town. Brian was Everson's favorite person to play with. He trumped Dad and Mom. Everson calls Brian, Bri Bri. They were so cute together. That is Everson's hand while he is trying to share is crayon with Canon. As you can see Canon is asleep, but that doesn't stop Everson from sharing his crayons or toys with him.


HeatherH said...

I love your pictures of Everson and Canon together. It makes me want to make Ellie a big sister. . . :) (Eventually - this is NOT an announcement lol)