Monday, November 10, 2008

Fun at the beach

While we were down visiting my parents in Waldport, we decided we wanted to enjoy the beautiful beach that I always took for granted while growing up with it in my backyard. It was a cold, but wonderful time to go while the sun was setting. My sister was wonderful and brought her camera, since I forgot mine. We had a fun time watching the sun set, running around and taking pictures. Maybe a little too much fun taking pictures!

Running Man, Flying Eagle and Tiny Vertical!

Pregnant Ballerina & Soaring Falcon

Elegant Prancing & Flailing Ninja

Jen, Everson and Todd
To view more pictures of our fun at the beach, visit our Picasa photo album by clicking on the following link.


Heather said...

Ok - I love those pictures! I need to take sunset beach pics - those are awesome!

chiara said...

CUTE! I love all those pictures!